Happy Spring – Out of the Slump

Happy Spring everyone! Sorry for the scarceness on posts. I caught the dreadful flu bug late February and as a result of some pretty horrendous coughing, managed to crack a rib. Extreme! But mostly I've just been in a slump, creatively, emotionally, spiritually, pretty much everything-ly. I've been in those before, where I just don't find joy in doing hardly ANYTHING, and it doesn't take too long to get out of it.

Drawing Challenge & Free Download

I'm a full-time mom of two boys, who are now 3 and 1.5. Needless to say, they keep me busy! Yet, I think about art every day. I think about painting every day.

Artist Interview + Free Download

I remember seeing these amazing book sculptures by Lisa Occhipinti a while back - they were everywhere in the blogosphere, and I loved them.