Letterpress Business Cards

I designed new business cards about 6 months ago - things have been picking up in retail and I hadn't had new business cards since 2010...maybe?? I'd always wanted to do letterpress, and I finally did and couldn't be happier with how they turned out. I got to see the letterpress in action too, which was a treat, and my letterpress guy was so helpful and suggested I use a Smoke emboss rather than a blind emboss.

DIY Wood Jewelry Holder

I love junk wood. Every month my neighborhood has big trash day, and I'm always shocked at the huge heaps of junk that make it out to the curb. My mother is the one who taught me to dumpster dive. I have no shame - I find many treasures from these piles. Out of the monstrous heaps of discarded wood, there is usually one or two pieces that (to me) are beautiful in it's aged and desecrated state.

It’s a Great Day For…

It's a cool rainy day here, one that calls for some indoor cozy activities - like embroidery. (Pattern from the September For the Makers box.

Consider the Birds

The birds and lilies either oil or spin, yet both are fed and clothed and receive their daily portion without being anxious for them. They need earthly goods only for their daily sustenance, and they do not lay up a store for the future. This is the way they glorify their Creator, not by their industry, toil or care, but by a daily unquestioning acceptance of his gifts.

Guest Post: DIY Earrings from Paint

I'm excited to share with you all my guest post for Martha Stewart crafts blog today! It's one of the simplest DIY's - making your own smattering of earrings in different colors, all from puff paint.

For the Makers April Box

Every 30 days I get a new treasure box of beautiful craft items from For the Makers. The April box is probably my favorite so far, they really just keep getting better and better. In one afternoon I made 3 out of the 4 projects and I love every piece.

Rubber Band Jewelry

If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you know I love making things from everyday items. (Like my all time most popular post, earrings from paperclips.) Slightly more mundane than the paperclip, in my opinion, would be the rubber band.

Wearable Art from Pasta

OK, before you laugh, let me just say that I waited and waited to post this because I vascillated back and forth between whether it was really really dumb or really cool. Then, I saw this post about Dolce & Gabbana using bowtie pasta for earrings on the runway, and well, that was all the encouragement I needed! If D & G can do it, then so can I.

Illustrations: For the Makers

When Janet asked me a couple weeks ago to do some project illustrations for the December box of

For the Makers

Yesterday I mentioned that I got a box in the mail filled to the brim with all kinds of crafty things from For the Makers.