The Theology of Enough

I have a hard time understanding how people who live with so much, as we do, think that they can get by without judgment when people live like this (at a Guatemala city dump). Some people choose poverty. But there are people right here next to us that have not chosen this. And if we turn our backs on them, we are turning our backs on Christ.

A New Adventure

Thought I’d let you in on some personal news - we are moving. To a neighborhood referred by our friends as the “Shartel neighborhood”, known in other circles as “The Jungle.” Blocks away from the OKC’s downtown homeless shelter, the Shartel neighborhood is home to crackpots, prostitutes and drug dealers.

Craft Night for Spero Project

I'm loving reading all your comments and thoughts on The Trouble With Beauty. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I know it will be a topic I will touch on again in the future.

The Trouble with Beauty

Images above all from my pinterest I have somewhat of an addiction. The addiction is to beauty, in all it's forms.

Auction for Japan

I'm auctioning off this beautiful scarf I made to the ongoing relief efforts in Japan. To bid, leave your bid amount in the comment section below. NOTE: It must be higher than the last bid that was made. If you get outbid, simply leave a comment with a higher bid.

Can Art Change the World?

I happened upon this TED talk on hulu by artist, JR.

Mother Teresa vs. Martha Stewart

Thanks to Miss B. for the lovely

Kenya Changed My Life

No, I wasn't able to travel 50,000 miles to Kenya with my husband 12 days ago. No, I didn't see the faces or shake the hands or hear the stories face to face. My feet never touched it's soil, but Kenya changed me and it changed my husband. It was the story of our recently sponsored child,

A Beautiful Idea – Artists Changing the World

Special thanks to Jessica Hische for creating the beautiful logo. I’m so excited to share with a great way for artists to use their talents to give back to humanity through their work.