Illustration and Free Printables for Emma

The February issue for Emma Magazine is out and you can find my free printable and illustration on page 11 - complete instructions to make your own bath bombs and a free printable gift tag to give as gifts.

What is Beauty?

There are some whose idea of beauty is just too small. We tend to make snap judgments about what is beautiful, and what is not. But beauty can be strong and astringent, disturbing, shocking and dark.

Illustrations for Henry Happened

A few months ago I got an email from Stephanie of asking for some custom illustrations for her blog. Here is how they turned out - she wanted to go for simple black and white ink drawings for each category.

Illustration for Emma Magazine

Have you heard of Emma Magazine? It's like Martha Stewart Living, but young and fresh. They call it "A How-To Guide for the Modern Domestic." I got to contribute to their January issue with an illustrated recipe - check out the issue, they make it available for free online.

For the Makers + Anthropologie

My gals Janet + Katie with For the Makers got to team up with Anthropologie to create these sparkly DIY bracelet kits just for the holidays.

FTM October Illustrations

The October illustrations For the Makers were all about black and white - so just pen and ink drawings with a touch of color from Photoshop. I love how they turned out, simple and clean.

Nostalgic for God

I recently came across a guy named Sam Mahlstadt's blog, then his book, Creative Theology ($10 for the eBook). The book is wonderful, and it was a huge breath of life-giving air for me to read someone that is passionate about the gift of creativity, and our role in creation.

Dirt & Diety

There are some days I wake up with an extra special passion for my day. I want to do it all - cook really excellent meals, create things with my hands, paint, love on my neighbors and family - today was one of those days. I'm in the beginning of a 36-week study of Genesis. I don't think I've ever spent the time to go through the first two chapters verse by verse with scrutiny.

DIY Wood Jewelry Holder

I love junk wood. Every month my neighborhood has big trash day, and I'm always shocked at the huge heaps of junk that make it out to the curb. My mother is the one who taught me to dumpster dive. I have no shame - I find many treasures from these piles. Out of the monstrous heaps of discarded wood, there is usually one or two pieces that (to me) are beautiful in it's aged and desecrated state.

10 Years of Marriage, Illustrated

I recently got an email from a reader that had an 11th anniversary coming up - a special one considering that her husband had a rupture in his brain 2 days before their 10th anniversary last year and they spent it in the neuro ICU as he underwent brain surgery. He's been in an intense year of recovery, but thankfully, he is doing great.