A Full Heart

Over last weekend we successfully moved to downtown OKC - a little bit different than where we thought we were going to end up, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude where God put us in this season. We are living in apartments across the street from

The Theology of Enough

I have a hard time understanding how people who live with so much, as we do, think that they can get by without judgment when people live like this (at a Guatemala city dump). Some people choose poverty. But there are people right here next to us that have not chosen this. And if we turn our backs on them, we are turning our backs on Christ.

On Loving Your Neighbor

Can I just first admit that I'm not good at this? Loving your neighbor can be hard. It can push on selfish tendencies. Sometimes people you are trying to love will take advantage of you. Then the risk is to insulate yourself from people all together, so you aren't ever wronged again. But Jesus didn't say it would be easy.

Behnaz, Art & Freedom

I cringed when she began to rifle through my work. I wanted to melt into the cushy chair I was sitting in and become one with the upholstery. Her work has been compared to Francis Bacon for crying out loud, and here she was critiquing my art. There were a few I puffed my chest out on, awaiting a word of praise, but there was none.

Speaking at Circles Conference

Circles Conference is coming up in just a few short weeks. I'm excited to hear from amazing designers I respect and admire - Promise Tangeman, Cameron Moll,

A New Adventure

Thought I’d let you in on some personal news - we are moving. To a neighborhood referred by our friends as the “Shartel neighborhood”, known in other circles as “The Jungle.” Blocks away from the OKC’s downtown homeless shelter, the Shartel neighborhood is home to crackpots, prostitutes and drug dealers.

My Lately

I can't believe it, the summer is almost over. I have a lot to share with you - things I've been thinking, and things I've been working on. I've been painting some rooms in our house.

Celebrating 8 Years

I married my husband 8 years ago today, June 13th. I had the idea to put this little thing together months ago, because I thought it would be fun to see the impact of what we've done together. And because numbers really fascinate me. I'm not good at numbers, but they still fascinate me.

My Heart-pounding Adventure

I've been loving photography lately. I've been loving adventure too. The two work so well together. Like last week when we went off the beaten path during a camping trip and discovered this old abandoned farm house that was so mysterious and so alluring - I just had to go in and take photos.

Farming Artist: Samantha Lamb

I met an artist when I was working at Anthropologie a few months back, her name is Samantha Lamb. Born and raised here in Oklahoma, she now lives and works on a farm in the town of Hobart, a couple hours away from the city.