Roadtrip to Pawhuska

My mom and I spent some rare one-on-one time together driving an hour out of town to Pawhuska, Oklahoma. We were sojourning to

Letterpress Business Cards

I designed new business cards about 6 months ago - things have been picking up in retail and I hadn't had new business cards since 2010...maybe?? I'd always wanted to do letterpress, and I finally did and couldn't be happier with how they turned out. I got to see the letterpress in action too, which was a treat, and my letterpress guy was so helpful and suggested I use a Smoke emboss rather than a blind emboss.

Dreamy Client Photo Shoot

I love working with small businesses/non-profits and start ups - it's a sweet spot for me and a niche that I will always be passionate about. When a local client I had worked with in the past contacted me to help her with her brand from the ground up, I delightfully said yes. I updated her logo, gave her a slick new ecommerce website, and took photos of her beautiful handiwork.

That Day at the Pier

  There was a slow-moving storm looming dark and heavy in the distance.

What a Homeless Man Taught Me About Identity

I’ve been sitting on this story for several years now. After some gentle prodding from my husband, and just feeling like it’s the right time, I’m sharing it here. Some of my most profound interactions in life have been with people that would be labeled "poor" or “marginalized.”  Over the last few years we have intentionally put ourselves in environments and situations where we are able to get out of our safe “bubble” and let love in.

Out of Hiding

It's been a little over 6 months since coming off the road. The first 3 months were spent getting our stuff out of storage and settling into our new place, and literally detoxing from the feverish travels over 16 months and 45 states. This home has brought a lot of healing and rest for us. The boys had a very strange mix of not ever wanting to leave the house (major homebodies) and never wanting to be alone - these are symptoms I believe are directly related to being constantly on the move in 200 sq ft of space.

Florida Treasure

Florida was amazing. We were there for 3 weeks while Kent worked closely with OneHope on some online intiatives. The boys and I were at the beach often and we came home with some mighty good tan lines. The treasures were abundant on land, shore and in the water. So this collection was hard to put together, just because there was so much bounty.

Nature Collection: South Carolina

    “If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable.”  -Rainer Maria Rilke (via domesticpoetry)   On our travels I've been collecting a growing bag of treasures from every place we visit.

Illustrations for Emma Magazine

Hey y'all! We've been in the South for a few weeks so I've gotten the lazy drawl added into my Okie accent. It feels good to just let the words fall out of the mouth like that. If you want to see some highlights of our trip, just visit my instagram or

October FTM Illustrations

This might be my favorite collection yet by my friends at FTM. The Field Guide collection is a welcome to fall with a combination of lush botanicals, painterly florals, and unexpected visitors of the insect variety. Inspired by classic Dutch paintings (think Girl with a Pearl Earring minus Scarjo), the projects are infused with Delft blue, bud green, and yellow ochre.